A downloadable War of Harmony

How long has it been, Equestria, since we've seen peace? Years upon years of bloodshed and tears stain every part of our beloved country now. I stand now on the precipice of it all coming to an end. I do not write this down for any to see, but to have a listen into my thoughts. See through my eyes as I travel with my friend, Pinkie Pie, into the Everfree. There I will conquer the mission set out to me by Princess Luna. If I fail, the war continues, and harmony will disappear for years to come.

Also in Chinnesse and Russian language!!

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Published151 days ago
AuthorMarshal Ruffy
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dark, my-little-pony, RPGMaker, Singleplayer, Turn-Based Combat
Player countSingleplayer


War of Harmony IV 1.10a.exe (247 MB)
War of Harmony IV 1.111a русский.exe (247 MB)
War of Harmony IV 1.111a简体中文版.rar (252 MB)

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